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Residential Work

At Construction GJ, we pride ourselves in the quality and cleanliness of our work and, as specialists in interior systems, from your kitchen to your bathroom, your home and it's renovations are in good hands!

Commercial Work

We offer assistance through the entire design and development process of your project from start to finish in order to help reshape and improve your offices. We're also take pride in our attention to cleanliness; your office will be cleaner when we leave than it was when we arrived!

Industrial Work

Got a big project? We're on it! Let's move forward with your plans and you can rest assured that you're backed by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who strive to provide you with everything you desire.








With 25+ years of experience, Construction GJ offers satisfaction guarantees and has liability insurance to protect you.
Our company offers outstanding expertise, fully customized and tailored to the needs of each client. Our solid experience allows us to clearly identify the projects of our clientele and promotes a climate of trust and serenity.


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Let's get started

Submitting the description of your next project has never been simpler—it's as easy as filling out a form!

Follow-ups are a breeze

The straight forward layout and multitude of built-in features allow you to quick-send notes  either by recorded voice message or written message to directly transfer information and keep tabs on the development!

Take notes

Keep track of all the project details and important information you'd like to have on hand with our notepad function.

Direct photos

Our camera feature which we've link directly to our emailing system so all you have to do is snap and send your images to us.

Write a review

We appreciate the time spent with our clients and the jobs we complete for them, so it's of importance to us that we deliver the best experience and we've included a testimonials section to share our company's history.

Everything is in ONE place

Don't worry about searching your inbox back days or weeks to search for that one piece of information or picture, cause everything is stored together right in the app!

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