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10 Ways To Raise The Value Of Your Home

Selling your home is a process in itself, but why not do yourself a favor and raise your return by sprucing up the place? Here are 10 renovation ideas you can do to up the value of your home:

1. Clean up

Cleaning some key pieces of the property can go a long way to making a place feel like home to potential buyers. Pressure clean the windows and facade to rinse away years of dirt and debris is a great place to start. You might even want to whitening the grout between the tile in the kitchen and bathroom, and a good swipe at the faucets, knobs, and door-screens can help give the place shine.

2. Touch up

Touching up the property will also give the place a cleaner look, such as adding/replacing moldings, door frames, door steps, fire mantle, knobs, refinish the deck, etc. Weigh whether or not it would be beneficial to retouch the façade of the house, is it brittle and completely falling apart?

3. Freshen up

A fresh paint job helps liven up the place, and since white is both a modern trend and a timeless choice, you won’t have to waste time killing yourself over what colour will appeal to most potential buyers. But, if you want that extra spark, pull the decor together by painting an accent wall a vibrant colour to really bring the living space to life.

4. Basic Maintenance

Performing basic maintenance tasks can help put potential buyers at ease and bring them comfort in choosing to buy your property. Check for electrical wear, keep up with plumbing, change filters, check your heating system, check the roof, seal any cracks around the windows and doors, and clear vents, drains, and gutters. Tidying up the landscaping by trimming any over grown trees and shrubbery, adding some fresh mulch, and decorative rocks makes for a wholesome touch.

5. Landscaping

If you don’t have any landscaping, adding a few low-maintenance shrubs adds some greenery, such as Hostas, to bring some aspect of nature to the property and do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

6. Curb appeal

The first thing people see is the exterior and, like the cover of a book, you want it to be inviting and spark interest in looking deeper. To do this, touch up the walk up, repaint the front door, make sure the windows are clear, spruce up the landscaping, make sure nothing’s blocking the view from the street, touch up the paint on any panels, clean up any vines, and restore any worn-out posts or fences. Maybe even update the house number so it’s more visible.

7. Natural Lighting

Nothing compares to natural light. If a somber room is closed off from the sun and you have some cash to spare, perhaps adding some windows or skylights can go a long way to giving the home a welcoming vibe.

8. Update

Get rid of any outdated features, such as wood paneling, old carpet, and any wallpaper and fixtures that survived the 80’s. If you have some spare cash to invest, refurbish the patio or look into some kitchen and bathroom renos; updating cabinetry and tiling can make a huge difference in the overall look/feel of a home, not to mention the payback.

9. Open Layout

An open concept is highly coveted during a house hunt. If the current layout leaves much to be desired, although more expensive than previous suggestions, removing a non-load-bearing wall is a great way to both meet the criteria and bring in more light.

10. Expand

The surest (and more expensive) option to bring value to your home is to add square footage to make a larger living space. Enlarge a small kitchen or living room, add a sunroom, expand the master bedroom, etc...

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